HLA Indoor Air QualityThere is constant pollution within indoor air. This pollution can be unpleasant odours, toner dust or particles or micro-organisms in offices, healthcare industry, general public buildings and also the likes of the dentists surgery or hairdressing salon. Indoor air quality is quite often much worse than the quality of air outside. HLA provide a range of products that clean indoor air professionally and continually.

HLA Services is a leading supplier of products, services and systems nationally for the filtration, extraction of polluted indoor air. HLA provide bespoke solutions that extract welding and cutting fumes, dust from grinding and oil mist within metalworking and related industries. They also offer innovative solutions for the removal of tobacco smoke and vehicle exhaust fumes. Working throughout the UK, HLA’s products contribute to a cleaner, safer and more healthy work environment.

HLA Services are joint distributors for Plymovent, Euromate and suppliers of Camfill products

Plymovent authorised distributor



Clean Air Solutions - Plymovent, Euromate
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Clean Air Solutions - Plymovent, Euromate
HLA Services are appointed distributors for Plymovent Equipment in the Northern Region of the UK
HLA Services
HLA Services