What is LEV and how can LEV Systems protect workers in industrial, welding industries, chemical mixing or paint labs?

LEV Systems
David, LEV Manager

What are LEV Systems and their benefits?
LEV is a form of extraction for product operators, from harmful or hazardous substances. It reduces the amount of harmful fumes and dust particles which can effect asthma and it protects staff from work related diseases like lung disease.

LEV Systems are ventilation systems designed to take away contaminated air away from the operator’s breathing zone.

What sort of businesses and organisations does HLA Services work with to provide LEV Systems?
We work with lots of manufacturing companies like International Paints and Nissan for example.

A lot of our customers are from industrial, welding industries, chemical mixing or paint labs.

LEV Systems should be in place in a number of sectors; to remove organic dust in the food industry, mists and solvents from paint spray and mixing, fumes from welding or soldering or Carbon Monoxide from furnaces.

What are the legal obligations businesses need to be aware of?
HSE legislation surrounding LEV is constantly changing to adapt to new technology and environmental controls. At HLA we’re in constant contact with HSE and manufacturers to maintain training and knowledge on a continued basis.

HSG258, COSHH Regulations 7 and 9, HSE require businesses to have a Hierarchy of Control of airborne contaminants at work.

Are there any new products or services which businesses should know about?
HLA Services are the sole Northern distributor of Plymovent and Northern distributor and designers of Camfil products which include welding arms, fume cabinets, partial and total enclosure.

As an employer, HLA are supportive with training and work hard to maintain relationships with our partners and manufacturers.

In terms of professional qualifications, HLA remain dedicated to continual training and our team have P601602 which is the Design and Installation of LEV, and are active ILEVE and CIBSE members.

If you could use three words to describe HLA to someone who wanted to know what HLA were like what would you say?
Proactive, effective, versatile.

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