Why customers benefit from maintenance for Catering Equipment

Over the next couple of months we’re opening up our doors and sharing one-to-one interviews with our team, the people who deliver our thirteen services and we’re onto Catering Equipment. We hope you enjoy the interviews and find them useful. Any thoughts or comments please get in touch

Catering Equipment
Tom, Sales & Marketing

What sort of Catering Equipment does HLA services provide?
Everything (Tom laughs). From a small Bain Marie to Rational Combination ovens, and under-counter dishwashers to Rack Conveyor dishwashers, ice machines and pretty much everything in-between.

We provide Catering Equipment to the hospitality sector, pubs, working mens clubs and restaurants as well as large industrial customers like food manufacturers. We also install and improve cellar cooling and walk-in freezer rooms for retail and commercial customers, through our sister company Coolrite Refrigeration.

With lots of competition out there why should businesses choose HLA for their Catering Equipment?
We design, install and maintain Catering Equipment. Nowadays it’s really easy to buy Catering Equipment online, but 9 times out of 10 you won’t find any maintenance if things go wrong.

We have lots of customers who are sensible to have a maintenance plan for their Catering Equipment. At HLA we have responsive call-out times so customers know they are one phone call away to get back up and running, with less disruption to their business. This is really important to our customers. Because we’re independent we’re not tied to any one product, which gives our customers more choice and it also means we can repair or maintain all existing equipment.

Are there any types of legislation should businesses be aware of when it comes to Catering Equipment?
Businesses need to comply with full gas regulations when having gas appliances installed. We offer and undertake a free site survey and quotation before any new equipment is installed or maintained.

If you could use three words to describe HLA to someone who wanted to know what HLA were like what would you say?
Responsive, price-conscious (ok, it’s two words) and quality.

Sunderland FC or Newcastle United?
I’m more of a walking man myself. I’m Vice Chair of my local Walking Club. For football I’d have to say Sunderland.