Why facilities managers choose HLA Services for their outsourced maintenance services

Facilities Management
Steve Grehan, Business Development Manager, HLA Services

What sort of jobs come under the Facilities Management department?
It could be heating, air conditioning, lighting, maintaining roller shutter doors, minor building works, fitting carpets or gardening.

What sort of sectors does HLA Services work in to provide Facilities Management?
At HLA Services we have public sector and manufacturing customers who need to outsource their Facilities Management.

Why do you think customers choose HLA Services for outsourced Facilities Management services?
Some customers start with us providing a couple of our key services which then ends up growing as we continue to work together.

With some of our other customers they are limited to the number of suppliers they are allowed to have on their approved supplier lists. By using HLA for their Facilities Management they can outsource several services delivered by one company (us), which makes it easier for them to manage.

Our contracts team (quite often referred to as the ‘A’ team), are excellent at maintaining work. This is anything from free site surveys to delivering maintenance proposals, log sheets and managing customers.

We have our very own team for direct labour. This coupled with a strict vetting system of all our sub-contractors means we only use the tried and tested, resulting in a high level of expertise within their job skill sets and they are extremely reliable.

What sort/any new types of legislation should Facilities, Maintenance and Procurement Managers be aware of?
Our team constantly monitor industry for changes in legislation and pass this guidance onto our customers and advise how best to satisfy the criteria.

From customer satisfaction and feedback, what would you say is important to successful outsourced Facilities Management?
Being responsive and acting swiftly to sort out a problem is important.
It’s also very important to our customers that we’re flexible to their needs.

Sunderland FC or Newcastle United?
Newcastle United.