Bob Ratcliffe, Assistant Head Teacher, St. Anthony’s Academy, Sunderland

The following is a summary of Tom’s work with St. Anthony’s Academy during these past 2-3 years.
I would like it to be known that I have been truly delighted with the advice and level of service that I
have received from Tom Johnson at HLA Services Ltd these past few years. My own knowledge of
the catering industry was extremely limited, but with the addition of Tom on the HLA team, I was
very grateful for his knowledge and advice in improving the school’s catering equipment.

The School had been part of the Government’s Priority School’s Build Project. The school moved
into its new building in October 2015, where some new equipment was installed such as an
Electrolux convector oven, but it also had to make use of some old legacy equipment including
Falcon ovens. In time, it became apparent that the legacy ovens were starting to reach the end of
their life and it was becoming costly just trying to maintain them. It was also apparent that the new
dining room provided for the school, with its serving areas, was insufficient for the needs of the
school’s students.

I was able to work with Tom over a period of time and together, we installed:

  • A satellite service area primarily for soup and baked potatoes. Tom provided a bespoke system
    suited to the amount of space that was available.
  • Several chilled storage areas for sandwiches and drinks
  • Three Rational ovens – prior to purchasing these, Tom had organised for us to visit a
    demonstration at the Sunderland Football Club kitchens, which proved extremely informative
    and convinced us in choosing this type of oven
  • A steamer
  • Several fridges and freezers
  • A chest freezer
  • A bespoke mobile storage trolley for drinks and sandwiches

I am very grateful for the work that Tom has done for us at St. Anthony’s Academy and hope to
continue this for many years to come.