Introducing the AeroGuard supplied and installed by HLA Services

Experience a new level of environmental awareness with our air monitor.

The air sampling monitor is designed to offer crucial insights. With the free mobile app users can access real-time date on air quality in any given environment.

This user-friendly app empowers individuals to tailor notifications according to their preferences, particularly focusing on elevated pollution levels, enabling timely and informed actions. Additionally, if preferred, once the AeroGuard detects a rise in metrics, it can send a trigger to an external system such as your HVAC system.

Introducing the new AeroGuard airflow monitor into your workplace can assist you in confirming if your existing LEV system is actually controlling the substances hazardous to health and keeping your working environment below the workplace exposure limits required.

The monitor has been designed to record contamination levels which may be suspended in the air of your workplace.

Once the monitor is supplied, installed and set up by HLA services you can monitor your workplace exposure limits from the comfort of your office or home through your computer or mobile device.

Mobile App Features-

  • Free mobile app available for iOS and Android
  • Up to 3 users
  • Initial calibration of the particle sensor
  • Historical Data for 30 days

Computer Portal Features-

  • Paid subscription
  • Monitor AeroGuards on your factory map
  • Up to 100 users
  • Customised calibration for the particle sensor based on your specific environmental conditions
  • Historical data for unlimited time

If you require further information on the AeroGuard please contact our LEV department via phone- 0191 5486699 or via email –