HLA Services take delivery of new flushing equipment

HLA Services are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest weapon in the fight against rising energy costs, our new Kamco clear flow flushing pump has been manufactured in the UK to our own specification by power flushing pump specialists Kamco. HLA Plumbing and Water Hygiene Contracts Manager Gary Logan, asked Keith Macbain of Kamco to build us something that could power flush commercial heating systems on a large scale as well as de scaling hot water cylinders, plate heat exchangers and a bonus is the pump can also be used for our disinfection work. “Kamco have given us exactly what we asked for right down to 110v plug on the unit”

We currently look after many of our customer’s boilers and heating systems to the extent of gas safety, but with this new equipment we can now look after every component from the heat exchangers right down to the radiator hanging on the wall. With soaring energy costs, it has never been more important to ensure that your main plant is running as efficiently as possible and this includes making sure the water in the heating system is as clean as possible.

Kamco has also supplied us with a combimag filter, basically a very powerful magnet that connects to our power flushing machine and filters out all of the magnetic particles as we go, we use infa red thermometers, tds meters and an array of water test kits to ensure that the water treatment process is of the highest standard.

If your heating system shows any of the following symptoms then this service will definitely be of benefit to you:

  • Slow to warm up?
  • Partially or fully cold radiators
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding
  • Dirty or discoloured water
  • Pin holes in radiators
  • Kettling or banging noises
  • Repeated pump failures
  • High energy bills

From January 2013 we have been offering a free heating system health check for all of our maintenance customers, we can generate a report on the condition of the heating system and recommend remedial actions to prolong and protect components, this will improve efficiency and lower energy costs.

Towards the end of 2013 we hope to add a thermal imaging camera to our array of tools to help educate and inform our clients of further areas of heat loss in their buildings, again offering the opportunity to reduce energy costs, in today’s world and with the current economic climate being on a knife edge it has never been more important to look at your business holistically and make savings wherever possible.

Please contact gary@hlaservices.co.uk to see if we can start saving your business money today.