Bulk buying energy benefits all businesses. It ensures we all pay a better price for energy. Via our trusted commercial utility brokers partner we are able to offer energy business rates to our customers. We aim to help our customers reduce their energy costs from between 10% – 40%. The depth of savings will always depend on what energy efficiency measures have already been rolled out, your building/operation type and your ROI expectations. Our energy services portfolio offers four complementary services, any or all of which can be utilised. These services have been developed to help our customers significantly reduce the kWh’s they use and to become increasingly energy-efficient:

  • Identify areas of energy waste
  • Plan for overall or project energy reduction
  • Implement & deliver efficiency projects with performance guarantees
  • Verify the return on energy efficiency investments made

We will utilise specialist equipment, carbon reviews and monitoring to uncover where further savings can be made for your business.

As part of out audit services we produce in-depth full energy report, validating the value of any changes which we recommend.

Reasons to look at buying renewing/extending energy contracts NOW

  1. The market has been and continues to be on an upward curve moved 0.4 in one day
  2. The recession and lock down inflates prices .
  3. (TCR) Targeted charging review – compliance charge on all meters as of April next year is increasing current costs so re contract while the market is low to take advantage.
  4. Non commodity charges are increasing to recoup government revenue. Non- commodity 66% of your energy bill.
  5. Risk on longer term contracts is rising so if you can lock in at a good price now, we would recommend it. Anyone who wants price certainty on a longer-term contract act now.
  6. Political uncertainty American election, Brexit, Furlough, Lock down all effect market.

Act now to keep your energy costs locked in.

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