Why customers from manufacturing, schools and universities choose HLA Services for Fabrication

Bob Rodgerson, Fabrication Workshop Supervisor at HLA Services

What sort of Fabrication services does HLA services specialise in?
We design, manufacture and install a wide range of products for lots of sectors including manufacturing, universities and schools.

We’re an approved manufacturer of fire rated ductwork, and can offer customers a complete package from design to manufacture.

Anything from canopies for the catering industry to galvanised ductwork, stainless and mild steel fabrications and PVC ductwork.

How do you undertake the Fabrication work?
We have an industrial Fabrication facility in Seaham, where we have the latest technology and a team who are focussed on quality first.

Which other departments and services does Fabrication work with at HLA Services?
We work closely with the air conditioning, plumbing, pipework and ventilation departments.

What sort of products should businesses consider?
Businesses should be aware of the benefits of fire rated ductwork.  Rather than painting, the ductwork is coated with fire resistant cloth, which can give an additional 1-2 hours fire resistance.

From customer satisfaction and feedback, what would you say the most important factor is when delivering a Fabrication project?
Quality is first every time.

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